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Over the counter anxiety medicine

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Good Morning everyone. I have not tried anything else yet as money was an issue. I did start taking a senior multi vitamin. Prayers for all of you. The weather has been up and down here and rainy so my pain has taken over. I quit taking the patch and back smoking again which I hate to admit. I will start the patch again on May 1st. I WILL beat this smoking crap! I get upset at these tobacco companies now that I know what they did to us smokers. Making it more addicting and harder to quit. Of course they never told me to start so not all their fault. My panic attacks have slowed down quite a bit. I think it is because some of the stress I deal with is gone and the other stress I deal with has been calmer than normal but I know that one is always around and will rear its ugly head again. I cannot deal with people yelling or talking in loud voices. I know it has to do with my parents constantly yelling and fighting with each other and the abuse that happened because of it. I have never been a person to yell because I told myself when I was quite young I would never act like that and I don't. That might be one of my triggers is that and I hold it all in. I know that is why I smoke. No stress would be wonderful! God Bless.

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I agree with what you and Lisa have written. Growing up with yelling is a stressful start to life. It is hard to feel relaxed as an adult when your early years were spent never knowing when the next verbal explosion would happen or where it would come from (sort of like living near an active volcano, I suppose). There are many popular comedy TV shows that I don't watch because of the yelling and/or sarcasm (which lots of people think are funny) but not so for many of us.


@hopeful33250 I don't watch abusive shows either. I stay focused on the funny ones with no yelling or some of the police shows. I am an ex police fire rescue dispatcher so I do like watching the ones that are not too graphic to look at.


Yes, I understand what you are saying. Some the police shows are good, especially where they always get the "bad guys."


Teresa, I didn't grow up with any yelling at all. It was the opposite. My parents were quiet. I had no siblings. I believe part of my problem is I love quiet and am a loner. I become overly excited in a crowd and especially if it is noisy. I love people, but have to accept my limits.


Yes, I understand. Quietness has its own rewards and challenges, doesn't it?


@liz223 — sounds like you really know yourself and your personal limits. That is very admirable.

I love the peace and quiet in my own home. I do go out each day and I believe this is good for me, but I'm the most content reading, interacting with others in online games, and being part of groups that I can feel a part of. Having a church home and family is an amazing and helpful part of my life. I also try to stay interested in a couple of hobbies. I did not learn myself until my later years. Sad, but true. I wasted a lot of years caring about the wrong things. I'm thankful I've been granted the years to find peace.

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