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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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I’m a female age 46 very overweight I’m trying to loose weight. I’m so scare of this finding. I can’t sleep or eat. I’m afraid it’s going grow bigger. I was told to watch my blood pressure and to lose weight. All i can think about is my kids. I’m so scare. I have been reading a lot. About this. I don’t know how i have this. My blood pressure don’t really run that high. I had an echo don’t it cane back normal every thing was fine. I found this on the other page where the finding was and they never meant it. Please someone talk to me about this

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Oh my goodness Latrisha, your ascending aortic aneurysm is SO SMALL. This slight increase in size should be seen as a blessing to you because you know about it so early that you have time to take control before it grows to the extent it needs surgical repair.

Losing weight will help keep your blood pressure low. I suggest staying away from saturated fats as you don't want plaque building up in your artery. Staying away from red meat, eggs, mayo, full fat dairy (skim is ok), will help you lose weight steadily but will also help keep your artery clear. Fish is low in calories and low in saturated fat so will help you lose weight and keep your arteries clear.

I wish you good luck with this but really, it is a blessing you know about this now and have time to keep it controlled.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m just freaking out about this. And i said the same thing to my self i know about it early on. Do you know of anyone that might have this or going threw the same. Just need to talk to some one on the same level as me. I was think about going to the Mayo Clinic for a piece of mine

I think you are worrying unnecessarily about this. My ascending aortic aneurysm was about 3.9 twelve or more years ago. It is 4.1 now. Surgical repair isn't even considered until it reaches 5. But yes, do all you can to keep your blood pressure low. And if you haven't seen a cardiologist, you might consider seeing someone locally just for peace of mind. Your MD will be watching this to check on how fast it is growing, or even if it is growing. It might be very stable, especially if you get risk factors controlled.

Lose some weight and with your MD's OK, consider an exercise program of just walking every day. That will help you lose weight but will also help lower your blood pressure and it will help you to feel you are doing what you can do to control the risk factors. Avoid lifting heavy items.

I understand why you are freaking out. All of us with this issue likely had the same reaction.

Thanks for explaining things to me. I have hear its not an aneurysm until it reaches 4.5 and sometime high blood pressure will make your aorta enlarge.so I am working on these things. I am hoping you can become my support partner and I can talk to more. Thanks again

I am happy to talk to you any time. Let me know how you are making out on your weight and exercise. Losing weight and starting to exercise will help you take control of your health. And that is your goal.

I received some good news today my echo reading was wrong and I had a ct done last week got the results today. My ascending arota was normal 3.2 and all my other stuff dealing with the heart an all was good Thank you Jesus!.. yes that's my goal to get much weight off that I can. My God continue to bless you and your health.

Wow, what good news! I'm so happy for you. But I highly recommend that you continue with your efforts to reduce your weight (you will feel soooo much better) and increase your exercise (again, you will feel so much better). Set a reasonable goal for weight loss like 10 lbs and then, if you do feel better, you will be motivated to continue on. And set reasonable exercise goals– walk for 5 or 10 minutes, and increase as you feel able. As your aerobic fitness improves, you will want to increase your speed. And Latrisha, trust me — these two efforts will change your life.

Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Best wishes,

think about it. Being upset does not help the situation. Take walks, ride a bike, laugh etc, relax, do your yearly scans . Or go bonkers and worry yourself to death. Your choice , you decide. All of us who have this know what your going through. I decided to relax and do my yearly screenings and hope it quits raining for a week.