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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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welcome to the club. I have the same, 77 years, good shape, my no is 4.8. The Drs are still doing watchful waiting. I ask why not surgery now. They said many bad things like stroke etc can happen. My friend has his operation in October and he is still in a nursing home. So, i cut my lifting of weights in half and try to relax. Tough to do i know. Luck to us all.

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In trying real hard to be positive - I heard over all if otherwise healthy the repair rate is excellent like 98-99 %. Scared too that bad things can happen but is that unlikely? Also out of curiosity what’s the longest that anyone here has gone without growth? Also I read of Cleveland clinics site that they successfully do about 500 a year and only consider it to be an aneurysm if over 5 or repair ready based on personal factors. Last question is are any incidental findings - meaning no known risk factors - were any medications or supplements taken that could have caused this- one area where I struggle - will do genetic testing for my family. Like I said trying to be positive.. btw 4.3-4 and 48. Feeling great physically- feels like bs. Best of luck to us all

I went to a vascular surgeon on recommendation, but it turns out he said I need a cardiologist after all; that since ascending root aorta aneurysms would call for open heart surgery (perhaps, someday), that is not the purview of a vascular specialist. So, onward to a cardiologist!