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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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Hello @estanley2008,

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This Mayo Clinic webpage has tons of information about thoracic aortic aneurysm, diagnosis & treatment, and care at the Clinic:

Here are a few conversations on Connect, which I encourage you to read:
– Large ascending aorta in young healthy 45 year old woman http://mayocl.in/2gwDknX
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I’m also tagging members @laverne @jimemerson @elsinann @teatime @thegoodwife @thankful @janet26 @debbydiane @ginko Mentor @hopeful33250 who can share their experiences and provide some guidance and thoughts.

@estanley2008, I can imagine your concern when, as you said, "The er called umc who said they would not even see me at that size, even with symptoms1" Did they give you any explanation?

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They told the er doctor that even with symptoms that was to small to treat. To tell me to let my primary know and keep watching it.
Crazy, I know

i was discovered to have an aorta aneurysm in the fall of 2018. Cardiologist said it was 4.0, and the surgeon said it was 4.8. Both looked at the same tests. What is magical about the number 5.0?
I was informed Lucille Ball and John Ritter died of this.
I was told i will have will further tests in the fall of 2019. Is this a normal time frame? I also do not lift anything over 25 pounds. I still work out with lower weights and do more reps. I am 77 but feel like 50. Anything else i should be aware of?