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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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Hi this is my 1st post. I a 45 year old female. Not over weight but I smoke. After having what feels like muscle tearing and dizziness I went to the er a month ago. I was told I had a 3.2 dilation ascending aorta and to follow up with a doctor. The er called umc who said they would not even see me at that size, even with symptoms. The pain comes in goes. My primary did a new cta Friday it said it is 3.4. They gave me the number to the doctors at USA in mobile. I also am calling mayo I’m the morning.
It seems small but, I can hear my heart beat in my shoulder and I have a history of brain aneurysms. What doctors do I need to see at the mayo hospital? I’m so full of anxiety now.
What should I ask for and who should I see? I wanted to add I now have a appointment Thursday to see a surgeon at USA in mobile.
Thank you all for listening any advice would be helpful!!

Ps- this has went on for months. They have ran so many test on me and they all came back good till last month. I had a heart ultrasound 3 months ago that was fine.. I told them something was wrong.

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I glad you share your information. I don’t know what’s going on I myself was told i Have a ascending aorta was 3.3 from a ct scan with contrast. And it was negative with no aneurysm or other finding. But I had a echo done before then saying it was 3.7. I’m so confused. Just wanted to know how you are dealing with this. I will be seeing a cardiologist doctor to tell me more about this