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Diagnosed with BAV and a 5.4cm aortic aneurysm. It was found during treatment for something else. I decided I wanted a second opinion and was referred to Mayo Clinic. In 9 days I will be having a CT Scan, Echo and labs done. Consult with the surgeon will follow. I am very anxious. I've never even had a broken bone or anything serious happen to me.

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Please don’t worry too much. Mayo’s heart and vascular doctors are the very best. I had a large aneurysm and even before I finished the tests like yours, I was scheduled for surgery. Not only are the surgeons so very skilled, they are also extremely kind and caring. I had no problems and the recovery was not nearly as painful or as bad as I thought it would be. Take care and good luck to you. You are in wonderful hands!

Please try not to be too anxious. Thank goodness you found it when you did. Sounds like you're in good hands now. Keep us posted on how you're doing and let us know how you make out after your tests. I was diagnosed in 2012. Mine was 4.1 cm in 2012 and is now 4.3-4.5 cm. I am going back the end of September for six month check up again. Another CAT scan or echo. Please don't worry and keep us posted on how you're doing it's good to hear from people. It helps all of us when we talk about it I think.

Hello @debbydiane and welcome to Mayo Connect,

Your concern regarding your new diagnosis is certainly understandable! I am very glad to hear that you will be getting a follow-up at Mayo. You will undoubtedly get a good work up and second opinion. Your anxiety is normal, but I'm sure once you meet the doctors and medical team at Mayo, you feel more assured by them on the right approach to take.

If you are comfortable sharing more: Were you having any symptoms before this was found? Is there a history of this type of problem in your family?

I look forward to hearing from you after your appointment or before then if you feel a need to talk and share your concerns.


This is quite a surprise for you. And your MDs will move quickly on this. You are right not to take it lightly, and be wise to consult on the big surgery or to have it stented. If you are a senior citizen, the stent is more annoying to monitor but the placement is less trauma on your body. Take someone with you on your appointments. Being calm and problem solving will is the best. You need someone in the hospital with you and then at home until you are able. Best wishes

Hello Theresa there is no family history I am aware of. I keep trying to figure it out too. No hypertension non smoker. Not very overweight maybe 10lbs cholesterol is my only negative side.
It doesn’t make sense. I have had abdominal pains off and on for a couple years. It comes and goes. It was an odd chest type pain that felt worse when I leaned forward that took me to the Er and all the tests started then. It is unsettling thinking nothing is to be done other than monitoring. Because you don’t really know what’s happening inside. Oh well. It is what is

Hi Teresa the CT scanned revealed that I also have CoA. This came as a complete shock. After all the testing was done I met with my surgeon for a consult. He thinks I should have surgery soon and wants to do it in August. I am going to need 2 surgeries. The first one to address the CoA and the second one to address the BAV and aneurysm after I have fully recovered from the first one. I always believed I was in pretty good health so these heart issues have thrown me for a loop. The only symptoms I can ever remember are heart flutter which never happened that often. It was not until I had the small bowel obstruction this past May that I found out about the BAV. I had no idea the obstruction and my heart issues were connected. At present I am waiting for the surgeon to get back to me to find out the exact date of surgery. BTW I really liked my cardiologist and surgeon. They were wonderful.

I have a great support system. My husband is with me at all times and I have a grown daughter and parents who are going to hold things down here at home while I am in the hospital. I am glad I got the second opinion. I never would have known about the CoA. Thank you for responding.

Thank you!

Hello @debbydiane and thank you so much for letting me know how your appointment went. I know you were shocked by the unexpected DX of CoA, but isn't good to know about it rather than having it as an uncertainty?

I am so glad that you liked the cardiologist and the surgeon. A comfort level with your medical professionals tends to give you more confidence and less anxiety about a procedure. Will you let me know the date that your first surgery will be scheduled?

You mentioned that the bowel obstruction and the heart problem were connected, I'm not sure I understand. Can you tell me more about that?


I would also like to know about the bowel and heart issue too please. I'm afraid I might have the same problem