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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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I would first like to welcome you to Mayo Connect and to thank you for posting about your health concern regarding an aortic valve problem.

I understand your concerns, I have an aortic valve (with aortic insufficiency) that some doctors think need replacing, but not all. I could only wish for a concise decision from two doctors so that I could have some confidence on making an informed decision and going forward.

In thinking about your situation I'm wondering how this change in your EF (which you state is now 50) is affecting your symptoms. How are you feeling? What type of symptoms are you having? Has your energy level, ability to exercise, changed since your EF has dropped to 50?

I have one cardiologist who says "we treat the patient, not the report." Which basically refers to treating the symptoms the patient is having (in my case I have a hard time exercising without a lot of fatigue, however, my EF is still at 60). While I have a leakage of the aortic valve, I also have some loss of functioning with the heart muscle which results in more fatigue, especially upon exercise.

Perhaps thinking about your symptoms can help you move forward. Also, a third opinion in a matter like this would certainly not be inappropriate, especially if you seek out a good heart center with an excellent reputation. I'm not sure what geographical area you live in but Mayo has 3 facilities in the U.S. (Minnesota, Florida and Arizona).

I look forward to hearing from you again.


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My EF is 65 and more currently , I think my post was not clear. I had EF down at age23 when my valve was changed.
Now I don’t have any valve issue or EF issue. I have aortic root and asc aorta aneurysm.