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Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

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I have a ascending aortic aneurysm that is 5.1 cm. it was diagnosed in June of 2011. I have been told that at this time it will be treated with medications but if it grows to 5.5 cm then a surgery will be performed.Also one doctor says if it moves to 5.3 between ct or mri s then i would be a candidate for surgery. Being a typical guy i feel that if its this close why don t we just fix it! I am typicaly very active and this just seems like were playing with fire…. I know percentages,etc etc but if it bursts I am told I will most likely die before the ambulance arrives or at best a 50 percent rate of survival if i make it to the hospital.
What a crazy way to live.
I am leaving for 5 weeks wandering around Costa Rica with a backpack and my rental car so hopefully all will be fine. I would like to do the Camiino de Santiago 550 mile walk through France and Spain carrying a backpack this fall….but what the hel??,,,l is this safe???? i have been going to the V.A. (Veterans Administration) since I don’t have regular health insurance….I just can’t afford it…I am told the Mayo Clinic might take on my case as a “pro bono” situation and help me live….
It’s such a strange feeling to know you can drop dead at any time due to a particular condition that everybody is aware of but waiting for a Fix that is already there and I believe well proven….If the surgery is available but .2cm is what i need to qualify…wher e are those administrators that determined this 5.3 or 5.5 cm threshold if I am out ther and it bursts?
Well, this was a lot of rambling but maybe theres a Doctor or Mayo clinic or someone out there that can help….
Please pass this on to anyone at mayo Clinic that you think can help..
In the meantime I will continue to take my meds and walk through life as best i can…
I know we are all going to die and it could happen at any time but seems a little strange.
I feel like if my engine on my car was acting strange and i took it in and they said it needs to be rebuilt and it will take care of the problem ..otherwise put this of oil additive in it and drive to New York..you should be fine…oh and if it breaks down in the rockies …you’ll probably never get parts so you wont make it to your daughters wedding on time but probably never…..
so put this can of oil additive in and lets all wish for the best?
Have a great day,,,this was fun to vent…hope somebody else reads this and relates or maybe just gets a good laugh…
(maybe an aortic surgeon over at Mayo Clinic

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we are pretty much in the same situation, waiting for va. ugh. Good luck to you.

I hope you made it to Costa Rica! I empathize with you! We all are in the same crazy boat! I think it is because the risk of surgery has its percentages, and the percentage of yours bursting at your level- perhaps it’s less percentage than surgery? I don’t know.I am now on Medicare with an advantage plan . Perhaps you should look into what Mayo can do for you. It’s sinful that we must turn to go fund me on Facebook or something or other for our survival.

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