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Motivation to Get Out and About

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Hello Everyone, The home health nurse has been trying to encourage Lilbit to get out of the house if just to enjoy the day.
Probably wouldn't have gone to any extra places if not having to get dressed for a Dr's visit.
After the Dr visit we went to a local mall here in the New Orleans area where they have another location for the Cafe Du Monde.
The Cafe Du Monde is a famous place in the French Quarter by the river caty corner from Jackson Square where visitors can sit and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with an order of Beignets. Beignets are considered a type of rectangular doughnut served long ago with powdered sugar.
I never know why it always seems to happen, but when we get around the white powdered sugar we are both wearing black, lol.
Not a good combination when it's hard to keep the powdered sugar from getting on your clothes, HaHaHa. Guess that's why we have washer & dryers.
We both left our phones at home in a rush to get to the Drs so no pictures to show the nurse.

However, we stopped at the house, picked up our phones and headed to the little "Town of Lafitte" closer to the gulf named after the famous local pirate, "Jean Lafitte" who helped Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans by supplying cannons, ammo, black powder, and men to help defeat the British. It's only a short distance away and we went there to see a new Fisheries Market Pavilion recently built complete with a small covered dock.
We parked in a handicapped parking in space with a sign that read, but it was a strange outing with nothing going in our favor.

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Well, like I said, just one of those days strange things happen. Finally post a pic and it decides it's tired and wants to lay down. I'm sorry but don't know how to rotate it. Hope everyone else had a fantastic day.

Hi @duvie - I've had that happen to me also. All you need to do is crop the photo so that it's more square than rectangular. When it's a lot wider or taller it sometimes will automatically rotate the image. Try it!


Here's the photo made a little smaller, cropped and rotated.

Hello @johnbishop, WOW, you did a nice job and it didn't seem to rake you long. I'm wondering if more of my pictures will do the same thing since taken with my phone. Thanks for all your efforts!!!!


Hi @duvie -- glad I could help. It's really not too hard to do. If an old geezer like me can do it, I'll bet you can too. If you have a Windows computer it comes with a neglected program that you can use to crop and resize images. Here's a short YouTube video how to:

-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtlG-FIUaFY

P.S. - The little used program is Microsoft Paint