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Motivation to Get Out and About

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Great topic to start, @duvie. I added it to the Caregivers group too, and would like to tag @IndianaScott @harriethodgson1 @shirleymac and @camussen to join this conversation on encouraging your loved one to get out and about. Caring for someone often means being isolated indoors.

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Hello @colleenyoung, Thanks for the kind words and expanding this topic to other groups as well as tagging other members.
Sometimes we may get to the point to where we feel much more comfortable and safer staying home where meds and medical equipment are within reach. Knowing the bathroom is close by as well as a bed to lay on if needed can be reassuring.

Sometimes someone's conditions may cause shortness of breath, pain, allergies, or anxiety which makes it undesirable to get up and go somewhere. Patients may feel much better having family and friends come to them instead of leaving the house.

However, sometimes if the weather is nice it could be very pleasing and beneficial to get out into fresh air and feeling the sun's rays.
I am finding out that, as a caregiver, planning is key to providing a safer more satisfying trip. Possibly purchasing a small pill box for certain meds, Kleenex, water, fast acting inhaler, oxygen meter, nebulixer with a DC battery converter to AC can be very helpful in keeping the patient mentally comfortable. Being patient and considerate to the patient's feelings and needs relaxes the patient making for a more comfortable outing. Having a to-go-bag that I can grab and run makes planning much easier.

We all need to get out and feel the sunshine sometimes.