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Motivation to Get Out and About

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"Chunk it down!" Pick any goal (walking around the block; cleaning the dishes in the sink, etc.) and just do it for 5 minutes, just 5. Then you will have some sense of accomplishment and then see if you can do another 5 minutes only, and if can, before you know it, you've accomplished something. Even if small, it's an accomplishment nonetheless!! Feel better!!

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Yes, even 15 mins at a time can give you a sense of accomplishment, but when you have things "barking" at you in every room and you're in a lot of pain and can't stand, etc. it can feel like Mt. Everest!

Hello @stressedmesseddepressed, your right sometimes one doesn't necessarily need to leave the house.
There are always things that need to be done at home. Even small chores give someone a way to exercise without purposely doing so in the traditional sense. It should be a joy of accomplishment and relief that at least 1 chore is done for awhile.

Good point. Thank you!

Hello @shoregal45, Yes, getting little things done can be very hard when someone is in pain, nauseated, fever, and just feeling sick or exhausted. It can surely pile up quickly but each thing done can be an accomplishment. Climbing Mt. Everest has never been achieved in a day. Thanks for responding.