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Hi, @phxlife - I'm sorry you had a rough time when all your kids left home and that your antidepressants are not seeming to work as well as when you were raising them.

You'll notice I moved your post here to an existing discussion of your topic on transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This is so that you can interact with members who are familiar with the topic and have been talking about it. If you click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification, you will see the whole discussion and can join in, meet, and participate with other members talking about their or their loved ones' experiences.

I'm hoping that members like @flyingfree53 @jancer2017 @patdangelo @kimmym @stup @tbaxter33 will offer their input on TMS - what kinds of results or side effects they experienced with it, whether they would do it again, and the option of this therapy at Mayo Clinic in AZ.

Sounds like you are doing some research on TMS. I thought you might be interested in this Mayo Clinic information on it https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/about/pac-20384625.

Have you gotten to speak to the doctor who prescribed the antidepressants about how they are not having as much helpful effect as before? Have you and he or she talked about the potential of TMS for you? If so, what did your doctor say?

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Thank you for your quick reply; it meant a lot. 🙂
I have my annual physical next week, at which time I will discuss with my doctor that my antidepressant is starting to wain (the one who we both agreed to get me back on - Effexor- which had worked in the past, but now not so much.) I’ve been on about 8 different antidepressants since 1991, some of which worked ok, and others not. I’ve also struggled since that time with anxiety, and have been on Alprazolam all of these 30 years....for me a total blessing and huge help! I had a bad depression day today. Depression is so frustrating!
I am ready to get back to business with finding a new counselor (I think I’ll go with a Psychiatrist) as I need psychotherapy, along with starting to exercise (I admit I’m lazy about this!) and also very interested in TMS. Would love input from others who’ve recently had TMS, and does anyone have a Therapist in the Valley (Phoenix) that they would recommend? Or who have had TMS done in Phoenix?