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I haven’t posted in awhile. I have a swallowing problem which is getting worse. I suppose the next step is a feeding tube but I am not sure I want that. I have had botox in my esaphagus which made things worse. I have had a heart pacemaker put in that had to be redone, and I have had cataract surgery and am still having eye problems. So I am not sure of any more surgeries of any kind. I am 77 so maybe it is just time to let go.

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No @ryman – don't give up. My husband was 76 when his swallowing issues became so bad that we asked his PCP for a referral. The GI doctor found that he had a Zinker's diverticulm. I think it may be kind of unusual, but it was practically blocking his whole esophagus. He had an endoscopy and they removed the tissue that was causing problems. We were thrilled with the results. He only wishes he'd done it years sooner. Have you had a GI consult? If not, I would definitely do it. You still have the option to not have surgery if you don't want it, but I think it would be worthwhile to find out what is causing the swallowing problem. Best of luck… please keep us posted.

@ryman If you still feel relatively good, then never say "maybe it is just time to let go". That sounds like a great suggestion from @debbraw. If that can help it would be wonderful. A GI consult definitely sounds like it should be on your agenda.

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I want to thank @debbraw and @contentandwell for responding to your post. How long since you have had the injection? It looks like in your past posts you were going to have it around April of last year? Is that correct? You also said it made things worse, is this beyond the normal initial side effects?

Hello. I just read your post. Please go to the discussion on achalasia and POEM procedures on this site. I had this procedure in January. Have you received an official diagnosis of your swallowing issue? Please don’t give up on fixing this problem. I had the same issue and my procedure was successful. All the best.

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