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@ryman, I think me and many of the members here feel the same about doctors. I have a PCP and 6 specialists that I see, but a couple of them only when I am having more problems than my normal. I love seeing two consecutive weeks on my calendar w/out a Dr. appt. I will suggest that if you feel like they are not just spinning you in circles to see if you can keep your balance, and actually making progress, I would go until they stop spinning or reach what you feel is a reasonable spot that you can settle for at the present time. I have said before that I believe we overuse specialists and the only reason for that is malpractice suits and MP insurance. If my primary Dr. would simply refill my scripts when I have stabilized an illness or disease, it would could down tremendously on my office visits and I would love to go back to those days. I hope the botox will give you a great deal of relief and please keep us informed. I know I am very interested in how it works for you. Good luck, Gary

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Finally got an apt. I was being tossed around like a football. I have see this doctor before and not overly impressed but I am getting desperate. It is April 2. I have had a bad cold, actually “suspicious of pneumonia” for a month. That is slowly clearing up. Mostly, I am tired of tests and no real answers, and don’t like bothering my family as I can’t drive now. I had some concerning news about my lungs but not dreadful. I plan to try the Botox if it seems right. After that,I will see. Thank you for your reply and well wishes.

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