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Antibiotic side effects

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Have been on/off antibiotics since 2006 in large doses. When I moved to central NJ displayed every single symptom of Lyme in 1992 & again in 1994. MD said labs were negative. 2005 woke up, couldn't move, trouble swallowing. Lived near Manhattan so I went there to try to find out why all these bizarre things were happening to me: 4cm parathyroid adenoma removal, rectal blood hemmorage, requiring transfusion, bleeding very heavy during my period until I began bleeding heavily every day , finally hysterectomy, sick all the time. 2006 diagnosed Lyme + co-infections. Lyme MD went back over all my med records & found that Lyme lab was positive. Put on azthromycine/doxycycline/bactrim/ & more for 3 years straight. Immune system shut down due to malnutrition & gastroparesis; kept getting pneumomia/bronchitis;put on more antibiotics. I can no longer take any other antibiotics other than Clindomycin & Levaquin. I too have permanent loss of hearing right side, my hands don't work & weakness in arms & legs. If I take Rocephin, I break out in an unbearable pink itchy rash that keeps spreading; takes weeks to go away; doxy makes me so sick; augmentin I just vomit; can't tolerate penicillin. Please excuse my spelling as my brain isn't working right.

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So sorry! Sending you a gentle hug!

You have been through hell. I hope that the people in this group can offer you support and practical ideas to help make your life easier.
Have you tried acupuncture to alleviate the side effects of antibiotics and Lyme?

That’s a really good suggestion. I was hopeful for that myself, but Medicare wouldn’t cover it.

Does anyone use essential oils?

Do these have any scent? I cannot wear perfume anymore and told not to have candles or scents in the house.

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