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Connection between colon and breast cancer

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So, I am about to read the article posted above. I am feeling stupid about secretly worrying about a second cancer. I JUST finished my last Herceptin for stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer. I am 57, haven't yet had a colonoscopy ever, have low RBC not coming back up, and have had a very small amount of blood when pooping for about two months. Stomach and back hurt but I tell myself that it can't be anything because I had a Pet scan 1.5 years ago and it didn't show anything.(beside a large tumor in my breast) I see so many doctors, they would know, if something else was wrong, but I haven't told anyone about my colon question. I waiver so much between worry and telling myself not to be a hypochondriac. I'll do the colonoscopy soon because my insurance will probably pay for it and it will probably be such a relief for me- and I can tell myself to QUIT letting such thoughts sneak into my brain. Just hate to miss another day of work for the colonoscopy.
I never thought I'd write any post – too personal- but today, finally, it feels surprisingly good to put my fears out there.

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@yardgarden, what a great step to put your fears out there. It is time for a colonoscopy based on your age alone. Blood in the stool can signify different things, not necessarily cancer. But finding out what it is, is the first step to getting it fixed. You're spending a lot of energy telling yourself to quit letting fears sneak into your brain. Instead, why not spend the energy into making the appointment and taking action and regaining control of the fear. I know that is easier said than done. We're here to be your virtual cheerleaders to stand by you as you do what you know you must for YOU.