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Connection between colon and breast cancer

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I am five years removed from BC, stage 2, chemo, radiation. three years post-treatment i developed an iron deficiency as well as thyroiditis and both antibodies for Graves and Hashimotos. My onco has me doing iron infusions (injectafer) but now wants me to see a GI as she's "concerned" about internal bleeding since my Ferritin and RBC continue to fall a few months after each treatment. I, like Cindylb, am dreading these scopes, but dread a second cancer more. I am now wondering if I should go ahead and see the GI now and not wait six months. I love my onco and trust her completely, but why would she put that in my head and tell me to wait until my next labs when she knows the numbers are going to be below the acceptable range?? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Has anyone else had to deal with something similar? Much support to everyone and keep fighting the fight.

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I'd go see the GI people…….I'm setting up my appointments now for all of that. Still dreading the whole thing BUT….maybe dreading not knowing for worse down the line. My husband has a cancer of unknown primary and we've been on a roller coaster with that for 9 months, so I've gotten behind taking care of myself….but I have my primary care appointment, working on my oncology follow up and yup, I'm going to ask my primary to get my colonoscopy set up. If caught early, digestive issues are more easily treated. Pesky and unfortunate. (Your oncologist may be on a 'watch and wait' a bit because things can come and go) but if you're going to worry……..get a recommendation for a good GI person and go so you'll feel better about it all maybe?