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Kidney stones

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@tracilynn0418 It is good to think of all these things, honestly! Any one with a chronic disorder will tell you they have good and bad days mentally and emotionally, so you are certainly not alone there!

Do you know what your eGFR is? That is the percentage of function of your kidney. Talk to your Dr's and get their thoughts on preemptive kidney transplant. I know several people who have received a kidney before starting dialysis. I don't believe it is ever too early to look for a donor, and the search can take quite a while.

Watching your sodium intake is critical, and also watch your emotional health. Remember, we are here for you.

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Hey ginger i believe the last time i saw him almost 6 months coming up here I believe it was at 42….. I will have to get my printout of them out to make sure that is accurate. It always could be different now of course cuz it has been some time and I have passed some stones since seeing them so it will be interesting to see what it's looking like now. I wasn't sure if insurance would approve a preemptive kidney transplant……I know I'm sure.theyll make me jump hoops to probably get it early but if it improves the odds and your health why not if it'll be cheaper in the end…… obviously I'm not an insurance person cuz I Know they pretty much hope you don't need it because then they are making money.