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Kidney stones

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Charlena: No, I only took Flomax to help the passage of the stone. As I understand it, the medication simply helped to relax or dilate the ureter to make it pass more easily. It isn't prescribed for prolonged use for kidney stones.

I just found this information about instructions for passing a kidney stone http://urologygroupvirginia.com/adult-patient-library-web-pages/kidney-stone/instructions-for-passing-kidney-stones/
I also stayed active which I think helped pass it too.

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Is Flomax known to actually help a large stone pass that's in the kidney? Mine is about 2 cm in the lower pole of my left kidney. I was told large stones won't pass on their own and would need treatment to remove it via ESL, ureteroscopy, or PCNL.

I'll ask my urologist but would like to know if anyone has or had a stone IN his/her kidney and is/was being treated with Flomax, and ther results. Thank you!

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