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Stem cell therapy for hip

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What is PRP? And from who? I had a consultation with regenerex

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Platlet Rich Plasma, Dr. said: draw blood, refine, inject. It is the trumpet before the cavalry. cavalry are the stem cells taken from belly fat. PRP enhances and gets stem cells going better.

@ees1, @kdukes52, here is some information from Mayo Clinic in regards to stem cell treatments:

Regenerative Medicine Consult Service Process
Transplant Call-in Center

What to expect when you call the number:
– An employee will answer and ask the nature of why you are calling
– Say you are interested to stem cells for osteoarthritis or whichever joint ails you
– The employee will funnel your call to the appropriate coordinators from there
– For joint issues, you will be transferred to PMR (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
– Appointment coordinators will ask more specific questions (inclusion and exclusion criteria)

If you meet the criteria:
– You will be asked to send in your records and a doctor will look at it in a case-by-case basis

Important Notes to be Aware of:
– PMR is a busy practice, so wait times may exist but answers will be given
– If a treatment exists in the clinic for a diagnosis (i.e. Leukemia) stem cells are not offered
– Price is out of pocket
– Types of stem cell treatments offered are Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) injections and Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. You can find more specific information on these types of injections here, http://mayocl.in/2AUIoAn.

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