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Renal Cancer: What are you supposed to feel after surgery?

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Greetings @oldirish1..Certainly without a doubt the renal cell carcinoma that I had was scary at first...1 cm in my right kidney. It was removed in March 2008 so actually tomorrow is my 10-year anniversary. For me I've been cancer-free since I had it removed but I have to have the scans yearly now. Mine was encapsulated and had not spread so my situation was a little bit different than yours I hope that you can get the help that you need sounds very frustratin. I do know someone who told me that if you have these nodules on your skin and you have fibroids in your uterus then there's a name for this Condition it's a rare condition and it can lead to renal cell carcinoma to but of course that would only applied to a female. For me they never knew how I got the renal cell carcinoma because I was only about 48 years old and is kind of rare for someone that age to have that let alone someone who's a female. I just found out about this other condition about a month ago from someone who I met who has it and I do have uterine fibroid and I've had some noduals on my skin that were unexplained but my dermatologist was not suspicious of them so I do not believe that I was being affected by that condition but still never did know yet how I ended up with renal cell carcinoma just out-of-the-blue. It was actually found incidentally when I had an ultrasound done for gastric issues and then and a radiologist with a really good eye saw the spot in my kidney which he said looks like a tumor. For the first couple years I had to have scans every few months CAT scans with the contrast. Then I had to go for another 3 years with it every 6 months and then now it's every year

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They found mine when I went in for normal exam. Magin my surprise when I went back to the doctor and he says that you have to have your left kidney removed and fast.

Hi, @oldirish1. It seems that with kidney cancer, the more knowledge you have, the better ( don't know about other cancers). It is absolutely essential that you have the best, most qualified medical team - oncologist, urologist, whoever. It is essential that you have cancer screenings for the REST of your life! In my case, I have a sarcoma so I had to find the nearest sarcoma center and link up with them through the good offices of my oconlogist. It's less expensive to do it that way than to incur travel expenses trying to commute - rather like having a second opinion. Two kinds of cancer - cancer cells from your original kidney cancer or an entirely different cancer - can occur at any time to anyone. I've had three so far - breast , skin and now kidney - all unrelated, but with all the knowledge I've gained, I think I'm better able to wage a good battle with the evil cancer!! Please ask questions and demand answers! If you're not satisfied with any part of your medical experience, please contact a more knowledgeable doctor no matter where located. BTW, my first post-surgery CT and MRI are scheduled next Friday!