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Medical marijuana: Got approved, but still leary

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We do have MM, I have CBD oil no thc, and a vape I did two puffs not large as it makes me cough so bad. Still feeling down. What is True OG. Or OG Kush. This is all new to me , I have no idea why thupis is lasting as long as it is. Lyrica took over my system now withdrawling from it for 5 months has taken me down. Iv3 I’ve over 30 lbs and I only weighed 128

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My story (short version) – I had SEVERELY PAINFUL!!! lower back sciatica a year ago, was put on opioids by Doctor, (hydrocodone, etc) (See? Solve it with a pill is the modus operandi" for many dr's) and a friend in al legal MM state gave me some MM she takes for glaucoma. She uses edibles, no smoking, makes cookies out of it, per her doctor, mixes it in the butter. Anyway, I took 3 hits and the MM did more than about 5 bottles of opioids did!!! I of course, immediately stopped the opioids and used the MM. MM comes in strains. If you can legally get it, get strains called "Indica" and, specifically, the strains "OG Kush" and "True OG" and, after 3 hits, or bites of a cookie, and you will smile, laugh and then lull into a dreamy sleep for the night. With no pain at all.