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Medical marijuana: Got approved, but still leary

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Not a good day. I awoke with anxiety and crying then diarrhea. Came downstairs took Ativan waited an hour then CBD old, no THC: I’ve cried off and on all day and it’s only early afternoon. My husband made me take two small puffs on the vape. Feel somewhat calmer, no high. I just want God go take me, I can’t keep up like this

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Please don't forget your second wind – it's coming – it always does. We have a saying, "think good and it will be good." There are supplements that work, including, if you live in a legal state, medical marijuana, I highly recommend for mood and sleep, if you can go that route, three puffs of "True OG." or "OG Kush" and you'll be relaxed and smiling again! Feel better, ALWAYS PICTURE YOURSELF IN YOUR MIND AND SPEAK THAT YOU ARE HAPPY AND WELL, even if you're not at the moment, just smiling improves mood. Many are in your shoes, please hang in! Good things are going to happen to you!

I had your day last week. Lots of pain led to lots on anxiety which led to sleeplessness, etc. Two years ago a friend with steadily worsening MS and I made a mutual anti suicide pact. It's helped both of us.

Hi, @cdcc — thinking of you. Really sorry to hear yesterday was not a good one. How are things going today?

A little better just took another Ativan as anxiety was hitting and I don’t want it to go into a crying depression. Made phone calls to lawyers ref Lyrica class action law suits, some one needs to pay for how this has changed my life for the worse

I am @marield65 and i was on Lyrica. Had bad paranoia and hallucinating. Got off it right away. Sorry you are having depression from it. That should not be. Were you on it for a long time? There is so many meds I cannot take. I am on Vicodin for severe back pain and could get a liscence for MM, but what do I do when I travel? One day at a time…..

Hi, @cdcc — just wanted to touch base and see how things are going with the anxiety? Thinking of you.

Hi @marield65 — I noticed that you have not posted on Mayo Connect for quite some time. Just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling.
Jen-Volunteer Mentor sandytoes14

Oh my. Are you better now? I pray you are So much better. If you still need relief, I have a website with a well trusted & safe CBD. God Speed🧎🏻‍♀️

It’s a horrible feeling and I identify. You are in my prayers starting now. Just remember you can pull out of this. There’s different kinds of help that work differently for different people. Go to doctors, a different one everyday if you must until you find one that helps you. You Will find someone. It’s so hard to continue to look and try when you feel depressed,hopeless and sad but that is when you must dig in and try harder. God Bless You.