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Secondary adrenal insufficiency

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Hello, @rckj -- I am so glad to hear that Mayo Clinic helped you formulate an action plan for your secondary adrenal insufficiency. I congratulate you for your efforts to try and live with this illness and get back to a more everyday life. Indeed frightening to easily go into adrenal and septic shock with infection and land in the ICU. Totally understandable that you get really scared -- that is pretty dramatic.

So happy to hear you have a wonderful husband and support system. That is so key. Also glad to hear your local hospital has learned to aggressively treat your crises.

About your low IGG and IGG1 levels and potential treatment: It would be just fine to portal message or call Mayo endocrinology about that today or at any point you'd like. If they feel it falls outside their area of medicine, they can advise and point you in the right direction.

About addressing all members in a particular discussion: If you just write your post as a reply in this or any discussion on Connect, all members who have posted in it before will be notified in the manner they have elected (e.g., email). You can say something like "Hi, all ..." if you like, in your posts to the group.

It would be interesting to know if @gman007 @retha @mlbaier @spice @jentucker @marciron @pagray24 @joj85 and @wesbig are familiar with the type of crises you are experiencing and might offer any solutions.

Would you have any suggestions for what has helped you on your road back to everyday life while living with this illness, Rhoda?

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Hi @rckj! I am not sure I can add much in the way of knowledge related to what you have going on, but like Lisa, I commend your efforts to try to find some normalcy. As far as asking for help, please don't be hesitant about that. Almost all of us became a member of the Connect Community because we were scared, needing answers, encouragement and support and stayed because we found it in abundance. I have adrenal adenomas on both glands, but for now they are non-functioning and my cortisol levels are normal. I agree with Lisa on calling Mayo as they have already been a big source of help and it seems to me that in my time here, if anyone does not know the answer, they will do their best to point you in the right direction and I feel comfortable that the medical professionals at Mayo would do the same. Again welcome and I hope someone that Lisa has brought in to the conversation may know a little more about your issues than I do, but you will still have my prayers for answers and good health.