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Secondary adrenal insufficiency

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@lisalucier Hi to everyone. I wrote to you. Lisa, because I didn't know how to address a general "to all" post. I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and was seen at Mayo in Rochester in the fall of 2017 after 10 years of illness without much good treatment. I live in a major east coast city so you think it would be better but it wasn't until I had a Mayo action plan. I'm doing better now but it is a long road back to a more everyday life. I'm trying to learn to live with this illness. I easily go into adrenal and septic shock with infection, usually pneumonia. I often land in the ICU, in critical condition with multiple symptoms, including delirium. It is often life-threatening and I get really scared. I have a good support system and a wonderful husband. The closest hospital has learned how to treat these crises aggressively and I am grateful to them for my life and improving health. I am concerned about the repeated pneumonias which then cause adrenal shock. I have had low IGG and IGG1 levels but the medical debate goes on whether this needs treatment with IVIG. I'm not sure if I should ask Mayo endocrinology about this. They have been tremendously helpful with the action plan and coordinating with my local treaters but I'm not sure whose area of medicine this issue falls into for a plan. It's always hard to write when I often feel so weak and I have always had a hard time asking for help. Does anyone have similar problems or advice for a solution? Thank you so much for listening. Rhoda

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Do you have nutritional deficiencies?