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Extreme fatigue with MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 29, 2022 | Replies (310)

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@src3acs I suppose just because I don't have the problem with shortness of breath, it doesn't mean other people who have been diagnosed with MAC don't share your experience. Let's hope others in this group can provide more information on that front. When I was first diagnosed with MAC, I was also given the option of going on the drug treatment or not. After considering the pros and cons of the drug effects on the infection as well as on my body (other organs), I decided to wait and see. My pulmonologist agreed with me. Since the initial diagnosis, I have had chest X-rays and a CT scan. The results point to improvement. As a result my doctor thinks we should continue the wait-and-see path. There are so many people in this group who have the same diagnosis as you and me. Let's hope that there are others who also share your symptoms and are able to provide you with more reassuring answers to your questions.

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I have had bronchiectasis for 18 years and am at this point short of breath and have fatigue, but these things did not show up until about 3 years ago. I have had a cough right along, but on the whole did not suffer much until recently. So you may have many years before you develop these symptoms Who knows, by then there may be a cure ! I can still do 10 minutes 3 x a week on the treadmill (1.8 m/h) and 10 min. on the NuStep, which my pulmonogists strongly recommend.