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CBD oil and depression/anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Dec 22, 2020 | Replies (838)

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Some people vape the CBD oil, which is legal everywhere. However, I don't like vaping or smoking anything as I've tried and it hurts my throat and lungs. I have the hunch that it's not good to put anything in my lungs. I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 17 years and quit cold turkey in 1982. Marijuana helped me quit cigarettes at the time, but I didn't smoke it often due to it being illegal at the time.

I put the CBD oil under my tongue and hold it there for about 30 seconds before swallowing it. It takes longer to have effect then, but it does work. For immediate mild effects, CBD Living Water works immediately.

You're right, insurance won't pay for anything connected to Cannabis. I'm surprised it doesn't pay for your thyroid med. Are you on Medicare? I am, and they pay for my Levothyroxin that I take for my thyroid. It's the generic for Synthroid. Also, perhaps you need an adjustment in the mcg. you are taking. I was being prescribed way too much for several years and had a lot of side effects. My new Endocrinologist cut it nearly in half and had me stop taking it completely for a week or two (can't remember how long). I was worried to learn that overdosing it can cause bone thinning! I don't need that at my age! I hope you get good information from the documentary.

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@gailb, @parus, What is sold as CBD oil in states where weed is legal is very different in the level of THC than what I can legally purchase in SC – zero THC. Am I off base in my research surrounding CBD oil? One thing is certain; legal/not legal, ingredients/lack of ingredients, how your dose it, etc…is all much more confusing than when I was a teenage neer-do-well!


I think it's OK that you are trying the CBD oil with no THC. It's certainly worth testing. My bottle of CBD indicated what they recommended as a single dose. I started at their recommendation and then increased the dose until I felt the resulting relaxation. I tried a higher dose but didn't like it, so I dropped back to the previous dose. My CBD comes with a pump spray which I spray under my tongue and hold there for 30 seconds. I use 8 sprays now. They recommended starting at 3 sprays.

You do have to experiment with the doses on your own. You could be more or less sensitive than me. Don't expect to feel the way you did when you were a teenager, it won't. You should feel less anxious and feel your muscles relax. I found I could breathe more easily and freely. I really hope you find relief with the CBD you purchased.

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Thank you @gailb. I realize that it may not be as much relief as if it did contain THC, but I will report back after having tried it. I am hopeful that our state legislature may move next year to expand use of medical cannabis as I know from experience that it would help me so much more that opioids with less long term damaging effects.