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I have been diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus since 2008 but only in June 2017 did it progress to low dysplasia. Then in February 2017 it progressed to high dysplasia. That really worried me as I have had no symptoms of BE.i have never had symptoms but about six different times over the years I have been aware of GERD. But I do have a family history of cancer with my Dad dying at age 59 with lung cancer and my sister dying at age 35 of breast cancer. I had two RFA TREATMENTS TWO MONTHS apart and they both came back high dysplasia. Then in June I took myself to
MDAnderson for an appt and they did an endoscopy and an EMR and found a small stage 1 adenomacarcinoma cell. cell. Three months later I had another endoscopy where they did smother EMR and found just high dysplasia. Then I. November and February 2018 I had another RFA treatment. I am scheduled to go back in June of this year. I am going they will show that the BE is eradicated but I understand that I will
Have to go back every three years for the rest of my life to have these endoscopes. I hoping to hear from someone who can tell me that they have cleared the BE and are not having to go back so often. Is there anyone out there hi is being monitored as I am. How long have you been treated? I have not had many people to talk to about this. I appreciate this connection.

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I'm surprised that you were told that if no dysplasia you can go 3 years without a scope with your history. My BE never got worse than high grade dysplasia and have been told I will need to be scoped every year for rest of my life once BE is gone. Currently, I go every 3 months since when I went out to 6 months, BE returned.

I was told by two different gastroenterologist's that even if you have no dysplasia that most insurance plans pay to be
scoped every 2 to 3 years if you have BE. I am scheduled for April but I kept trying to get in earlier but it is really difficult
to get in to see a specialist. Just wondering what meds have worked the best for BE. Originally I was prescribed Dexilant
that worked really well but the insurance companies usually required your PCP to submit a prior authorization.

My son has cleared it and doesn’t have to go back unless he feels it has flared up. Like most mothers I am very unhappy about this but he has a good GP who will advise him