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Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI)

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Always feeling bad. Blood work is great. My dr says I am fine. I do have Recurrent UTI s. But no real bad symptoms. So no meds are given. Just discusted and want to feel better

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Hi @sandyhelman, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Can you explain a bit more? Are you feeling generally in poor health? How do you manage the recurring urinary tract infections?

Hi, @sandyhelman and welcome from me, too. @colleenyoung had some great suggestions for preventative measures! What symptoms are you having? If You say that sex brings on the problem, drink water before and after sex. This will insure that any bacteria are washed away. You might also see a urologist or gynecologist to see if there could be a low grade infection in the perineal area. Also doctors don’t like to use antibiotics unless there is a documented infection. Overuse of antibiotics has led to the growth of superbugs that are very hard to get rid of. Please try some of these suggestions and then let us know how you’re doing

Hi, @sandyhelman ! I just read through yours and other members’ posts.
It definitely is depressing to never feel really good. I do understand why the doctors won’t give you antibiotics unless there is proof of infection. You seem to have a couple of predisposing factors- cystocele and rectocele, right? Even if you had one procedure done in the past doesn’t mean that it could not be improved. Have you seen specialists in this field? Gynecology/ urology? Check to see if your closest major hospital offer this. You can’t continue with infections and discomfort.