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Aortic Aneurysms – Introduce yourself & meet others

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Wow, a lot of really interesting, ditressing situations out there. I have a right-facing aorta with a kommerellis diverticulitis and an abhorrent left subclavian artery which has eroded and embedded into my spinal column. The kommerellis is an aneurysms of some type and I worry constantly about it bursting. I had heart surgery in 2015, where they went in my back (in hopes of removing the subclavian artery from my spine – where not able to) but they did cut parts of my heart which where strangling my trachea and esophagus and rolled my aorta and tacked it onto my heart (to try and get it off my trachea). This was thought to be my first of 3 open hearts with the next possibly being an artificial aorta put in. It has been a confusing nightmare. I am 57 year old female who was etremely active and am able to excerise again now but not without fear (and limited breathing ability and pain). I have had this since birth but it didn't 'blow-up' or make itself know until 2014. Besides worrying about the heart issues, this artery growing into my spinal column freaks me out as well. Thanks for listening. ☺

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Boy, that sounds rough. Good that you are able to exercise, albeit modified from what you used to be able to do. I was quite active myself prior to my heart and artery problem as well. I wasn’t even aware that I had an growing problem until I just collapsed one day. Was quite a shock to learn that I had an aneurysm and enlarged heart! You sound a bit like me. Even with discomfort, you just move forward as best as you can. I can’t do nearly what I could do pre-surgery. At least I have found a person who specializes in teaching Pilates for people who have mobility issues post surgery.

We do sound alike. It was really hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact I would not be the same person again (I did a lot of training and competing) but I have become more settled with it as time goes by. I am glad you found what works for you and you are able to keep strong – pilates are great!

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