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13-Year Old and Reading Troubles

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Hi @jeffbilsland,

I'm tagging @lisalucier, our moderator for the Just Want to Talk group on Connect, with the hope that she may have knowledge of members who might be able to offer more insight.

Many studies have shown that kids who are under-challenged are typically very capable and smart, but don’t always present that way! In fact, many under-challenged students are sloppy in their work, don’t read much, and tend to zoom right through their work without rechecking or going over their work.
@jeffbilsland, since you mentioned your son gets bored, may I ask if he may perhaps be under-challenged at school?

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I don't know how to quantify his abilities. Is there specialized testing that can be done? If so, where would I find a location. We do have him in Sylvan but I don't know if they are looking for that type of ability. I would assume they could pick that out but he is very reluctant to go even though he says he has learned some tips from them on test taking. We have seen an improvement in 2 of his subjects, Social Studies and Literature. He received an A on a test for Social Studies and a C in his Literature test. Very good improvements based on us slowing him down and studying with him. Our focus now is just slowing him down and taking time to review. Any further suggestions are very much appreciated.