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windwalker —- thank you for your note. I saved it in my file. I had used Cipro as it was one recommended on the sputum analysis — have used it two or three times. This time, I'm wondering if I might need a different one or if it means MAC is involved. I won't know that for two more weeks. I gathered from listening to Dr. Moua that he, too, doesn't always go for the big three treatment. He will try other things first. After 8 months of not coughing, I got very spoiled and just have felt depressed when it came back. I know it's not curable, but it was by far the longest remission I had enjoyed. Prior to that, only 3-4 weeks before I would be put back on an antibiotic so I think I was about to start dancing in the street — thinking I was so much better. One other thing….. during the time I wasn't coughing, my nose was running and I could feel nasal draining so I started taking 4 Benadryl daily. I wondered if that added to the length of remission and had begun to think Benadryl itself was a miracle drug. (I had not used it in my lifetime previously). Guess not. Now, I wonder — could the Benadryl have kept the cough at bay and let the infection build up in my lungs — or did it play any part in the relapse. Just something I've considered. Wondering if you have any experience with it.

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@auntnanny, Have read and been told by pulmonologists to use antihistamines sparingly.The reason is because they dry you up, and overuse can cause 'mucous plugging'. Ideally, we want the phlegm as loose and thin as possible to get it up and out. Coricedin (heart) is the best antihystamine to use as others tend to cause heart palpitations.

@auntnanny I just want to put this reminder out there that going on and off antibiotics can cause your mac/pseudomonas to become resistant. We def don't want that to happen!