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karensarasota…… I'm 77 years of age so we do have a lot in common — old age for starters. I've never been treated for MAC but worry about it because my pulmonologist at Rochester told me upfront that it was hard to treat and that if it had to be — I would be ill and it was very long term. So, I've prayed to not have it. But, I'm a bit perplexed in that I thought after three weeks of Cipro I would be clear and it felt I was…… then three days later — seriously back. I'm finishing up another week of it but do feel apprehensive. Are you with Mayo's in Florida. I live in SE Kansas and it's a 10-hour drive up there but I've gone three times. I'm very pleased with Dr. Moua and he's good to keep track of me with the portal from there. Very kind.

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@auntnanny, Jan, please excuse me for interjecting here. I remember how sick you were when you first joined Connect, and are having lung infections again of late. I am wondering if you shouldn't be on a regimen like mine; where you are on alternating monthly antibiotics indefinitely?

windwalker —– originally Dr. Moua felt I would be alternating monthly antibiotics but I had an 8-month reprieve and he apparently changed his mind with that. I have finished a cipro bout now and perhaps we'll see how long I can go without another flare. I'll come on and post whatever happens to me next. Thanks again —

@auntnanny Hi Jan. Yes! Please do keep me posted. It would be great of it never came back. Try mind over matter too. Tell your body and mac that you just aren't having it!

windwalker —– I've never been treated for mac. Obviously, there is "some" there but I assume Dr. Moua has felt it was too minute to worry with. I sent him my latest report about a week ago. He's usually not this slow so I'm thinking they have him over in the hospital now (which they do fairly often — critical care or something like that). I'm kind of anxious to see what he says when he reads last report. Hoping to hear this week.