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Reveal Trauma?

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Hi, @stlouisgmajenn – first of all, I wanted to say that I'm so sorry you have endured so much pain, and from your own family members. The place that was supposed to be safe for you as a child clearly was not, and that is heartbreaking.

You mentioned "survivors unite." In that same vein, your post is merged with this one, as I thought you'd like to hear from members discussing familial abuse here, like @theotherone (note he has also written a book), @gailb, @parus, @underedwardstale2018 @amberpep and others. Hoping that they will have some insights for you on what you endured with abuse from your father and with your mom ignoring your pain.

You talked about taking care of your 87-year-old mother now. What is your relationship like at this point? Is your father still living?

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My pedophile father is 92 years old. Still alive, living alone in another usa state. Suffering from prostate cancer. How appropriate that a freaking pedophile is suffering penile pain. Talk about karmic payback.
My 87 year old mother expects me to take care of her, supply her with groceries, chauffeur her here and there, make sure her basic needs are met. Which is laughable, cause she sure didn't make sure my basic needs were met when I was an infant, a molested toddler, etc. And don't dare talk about forgiveness. Yes, I've come to believe that my mother is vacant in her head.Unaware I was being molested. She's quite stupid, ignorant actually, living in her own little internal peaceful world.Yes I'm angry. How can any mother not know their child is being sexually molested? While the other is being violently intimidated?

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