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Reveal Trauma?

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Hi Parus …. I know it looks as though some glide through life with ease, but ….. I’ll bet if they “took off their masks” you would see a whole different piece of their story. I know that’s exactly how I was. Oh, I was the perfect wife, perfect mother, did everything well (sort of like June Cleaver if you remember Leave it to Beaver), was social to everyone and always with open door and open arms to “help” those that were having difficulty. I was “perfect.” (really????) Well, shocked was I when one day my therapist said to me …. “you know, I see a good Suzy in you …. we’re going to dismantle her.” WHAT? Isn’t this how a good person is? I don’t want to be different. Well, 15 years later, here I am, and life is so much better… I can be real, if I have to run to the store looking like a slob “oh well.” I’m still nice to people, but I’m sure no June Cleaver ….. you won’t catch me vacuuming with pearls and high heels. I doubt anyone really has a golden life, if really known. Take care,

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@parus @amberpep

Therapists have told me I am the best mask wearer they’ve ever seen.


@jimhd Fortunate we do not have the same therapist you would have a rival. Must be the English blood and the stiff upper lip thing.

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