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Reveal Trauma?

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There are those gliding through life with ease. It is not mine to question. I keep trudging on knowing that at my age moving forward is not possible. Trauma is lurking all around waiting to frighten. Lurks in least expected places. This community has become a busy place. No way I can read so much. Back to my own world for now. Pain and depression do not blend well. Working on unsubscribing from some posts. Only a few come to my email.

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Busy for me, too. I can’t keep up with all of the posts right now. Forward is invisible. Now is enough to deal with.


Parus, I have no idea how old you are but I am 71 and I know that even in the last 5 Years I have improved immensely by using techniques eyes are learned in group therapy or from actual survivors like you. Please try not to isolate yourself because then you will prove that your idea of not being able to get better is true. If you don't get help in any form you probably are going to continue to believe it's impossible and I'm here to assure you that even without a current psychiatrist or therapist in Florida I have been able to improve. I am now looking for therapy again because I'd like to move my boundaries farther and get even better. Since I can't find any groups, I'm going to use this forum and see if it can help. I would like to stay in touch with you but if you choose not to, please believe things can always improve maybe not hugely in one big bunch but in smaller steps though I'm not a big one for patients and if I thought it would take me 10 years to feel better I would probably just shoot myself! I know someone help me figure out one of my triggers once and it was like a miracle sent straight from God to my head and it worked immediately, efficiently, and seems to be permanent. Bless you and the best medicine is remember nothing was your fault you were created perfectly, God don't make any junk, people who are sick choose to be that and if a person abuses children there isn't a punishment great enough for them.

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