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Failed lumbar fusion

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Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am a volunteer mentor, and I am sorry to hear of your failed fusion and continuing back problems. You will find other members here who will relate their experiences to you, but please remember we are not medical professionals and we cannot give you medical advice or diagnose problems. We can give you ideas on how our own back issues are being addressed, and support your search for relief.

I have had my own back problems, and had a laminectomy of my L5-S1a year ago. I am pretty much pain free at this time. My brothers both have had fusions and my oldest brother has nearly his entire back fused at this point. He's 75 years old. May I ask your age? That may have some bearing on your decision.

Have you obtained a second opinion about the course of action to help your back? It sounds like all the decisions you have to make are difficult. Perhaps hearing from another spine specialist would help you choose.

If you are close to a Mayo Clinic, you may want to consider getting a second opinion from them. The moderator of this group can help you get an appointment with the right doctor if you would like.

I hope you hear from other members on this topic and that you find information that will help you make your decision. Your comfort is important in your quality of life, so I hope you find relief. Please keep us informed on your progress.

Gail B
Volunteer Mentor

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Hi thank for your commit if you are talk to me but I unless you had a tumor on the inside of your spine eroding the inside of your spine cof up blood cause your system organ where shuting down where they cut or saw on a v clean out inside of eroding bone and tumor coming out spine cord then screw bone or spine back together you should look up spine tumor inside i I am on doctor but probably a million people have what you have acordding to Google only 10,000 people have a that surgery only 28% live past a certain amount of years you see I didn't go to doctor when I had a back ache I went to the doctor when I couldn't stand my legs were purple num before a I say more you see I didn't go to a doctor for a back ache I went to a doctor to save my life when a tumor blocks your blood flow to the nervice system you you a person I very very very bad shape. I give ladies a lot of Credit you Know why this is what I tell guys who are married you are lucky to have a wife if I had someone to care I probably would of or she would have told me go to doctor 2 years before surgery then I had a back surgery like yours I waited till I was 3/4 dead being alone since 20 and then 25 years past a real man can get really stoborn when he never has a shoulder to cry on how many man can say that ... Look how long it took me what I been threw to say it to you. I am tied and in pain




I stop taking pain pills a month half after surgery I don't drink alcohol believe me I have pain