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Facial Swelling - no diagnosis

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Thanks for your response and to answer your questions yes I do have family members with Lupus and Connective Tissue Disorder. The doctors are well aware of that and I have been tested extensively for Lupus and IGG4 and other sub classes of that.
Interestingly I did move into a new home that we visit probably 2 times a month for about 8 days. We bought the home in October and this happened in January. Not sure if there is any relevance since previous to that we owned a home very close by the new one. I am going to look into coming to the Mayo clinic for help with this problem. Thanks again.

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Lily im really just praying you get back on hear I have the exact same symptoms that also started in my eyes , i have sooooo much to ask i want to get to the bottom of this my swelling just started but at first it was in my eyes and they said conjunctivitis i went to the eye dr twice them then the swelling spread into the bridge of my nose and into my forehaed and neck but never went further then my neck it flares up so sometimes its very present very weird feeling amd even warm to the touch i went to the emergency room because of the swelling they ran blood and did a catscan nothing out of the normal…..im at a loss i know my body and this is not normal but my blood pressure is always good my labs are good my eyes are good the only thing i take daily is thrive vitamins otjer then that no medicines i was put on a steroid by the eye dr. Intially because she thought allergic reaction the steroid did give some relief but it was a 6 day regimine the first day when i took all 6 steroids is when i felt best and the second day all the other days not really …….