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Facial Swelling - no diagnosis

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Hello @lily2013 and I’d also like to welcome you to Mayo Connect.

I really admire your perseverance and diligence to seeking an answer to this unique disorder. You have worked hard and been a good advocate for yourself in seeking out a diagnosis. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel after working so hard to find an answer and still having the same problem.

John has offered some good suggestions. Since you have been down so many other roads seeking a diagnosis, a trip to a Mayo facility might certainly be worth a try.

Just as a thought, have any other family members had any autoimmune disorders, like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis? Also, when this problem started 2 years ago, had you recently moved, been in an accident, or had some other life changing event?

We wish you well as you continue to seek an answer. We hope that another Member can post with you about a similar problem. In the meantime, we will seek to support and encourage you.


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Thanks for your response and to answer your questions yes I do have family members with Lupus and Connective Tissue Disorder. The doctors are well aware of that and I have been tested extensively for Lupus and IGG4 and other sub classes of that.
Interestingly I did move into a new home that we visit probably 2 times a month for about 8 days. We bought the home in October and this happened in January. Not sure if there is any relevance since previous to that we owned a home very close by the new one. I am going to look into coming to the Mayo clinic for help with this problem. Thanks again.