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Acoustic neuroma, hydrocephalis, and vertigo

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@pedie Sorry to hear about your tough spot, but it is not too surprising. First, in spite of what a lot of doctors will tell you, a UTI can and will spill its poison into any of the rest of your body. I get a UTI streak fairly often, and when I do, I notice several things. First, heavy bleeding through my urine, both fresh blood and clots. Second, PVCs become stronger and more frequent. Even my tachycardia gets more violent. Last, my corneal lattice effect from systemic Amyloidosis LiteChain gets worse. The upshot of this really is that I think when you notice anything strange about your body at a time of a UTI flare, you can seriously assume that the UTI has something to do with it. I am 78, and feel lucky to be alive, but sometimes my body feels like the federal government, just shut down when some little thing goes wrong with the negotiations. If you read my larger story, Amyloidosis Dossier at https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8 , you will see that being our age is more than a pain in the bee-hind. It is serious negotiation with nature. Incidentally, I just looked up Meniere’s Disease on the Mayo Clinic search engine, and it does suggest that Meniere’s may be caused by “Genetic predisposition”. In other words, some gene may cause a situation in your body that causes it to respond to UTI by showing the symptoms of Meniere’s. Yes, that would make your whole situation at least secondarily an autoimmune issue, subject to negotiation with nature..

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Your response did make me laugh. Getting old is not for sissies! Thanks for your research on Meniere’s. My next stop will be to see a urologist who perhaps can untangle this puzzle.
The vertigo seems a bit less severe, but I’m not ready yet for a hike. And as for the federal government, perhaps we should lock them all up together until they can behave like adults and consider the welfare of their constituents and this country.