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Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

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I’m new to this board, I’m a 44 year old male, firefighter,bagpiper, who has bilateral cmc joint arthritis, which is now bone on bone. I’ve gone through shots which don’t help anymore, had a nerve ablation with no relief, cold laser therapy with no relief, my dr has recommended the stablyx implant. I live a few hours away from dr Orbay who invented it, so am going to try and have him do the surgery. I’m trying to get some feedback from people who have had this implant. Would you recommend it? How long is the recovery time? Seems a lot shorter than some of the other surgeries. Any insight, would be greatly appreciated.


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I assist in surgeries for a living & my surgeon highly recommends taking the full 6 months to heal. Being that you & I are the same age & have a lot of "career" left before retirement, I agree with my surgeon. I had my surgery 1/10/18 & will not be going back to work until 7/10/18

I am in Orlando FL and plan on a doctor well educated in this. I just need a rough time frame for those who have had the procedure… or maybe i need another detailed appointment with Dr Davenport.

There is a youtube video of a Mayo patient from Florida. He gives updates for a few weeks. His last video is an update after two years. Surgery was performed down in Florida by the doctor who pioneered the implant (Jorge Orbay MD). If you are not familiar with Youtube, you need to get familiar. You can even see the operation on video.

Thanks, Stoney. What is the video's label. I looked under MD's name but didn't find.

Am interested in anything to help make a better decision… thanks!!