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Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

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I had surgery on my thumb/wrist joint on January 8. So, I’m out 6 weeks. I still feel like I have a sprained wrist sometimes. Only take Tylenol once per day. I had a sling made from a tendon and another string attached to stabalize the Thumb so not a replacement. They said I was bone on bone and arthritic. I have been an artist and will continue hopefully.

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That was one of the 3 options I was given also.
I didn't like the drawbacks of that surgery after reviewing my options.
My goals for my surgery were:
1) complete range of motion
2) keep dexterity
3) keep arm strength
4) have a fully functional joint as close to my original prior to all the arthritis.
Since I haven't been able to move my thumb, I don't really have any pain, so that's good…that may be another story after March 5 lol!
Mine was bone on bone too 🙁
Are you starting any therapy yet?

Hi, I'm intrigued by your post. You said you had bone on bone osteoarthritis and they used tendons to stabilize the thumb? My left thumb does this thing where is i am doing just normal stuff like housework or whatever, it feels like it tries to dislocates and causes a 10 of 10 have to stop, hold it and say ouch pain. Then it is sore for days. They gave me a splint to wear to immobilize the thumb that helps a bit but i cannot work with it on. I was told that my surgeon would not do a replacement, but would use some kind of peg? insert? can't remember just know it was not a replacement. He said i had severe osteoarthritis and could see that my wrist area is deformed. If i take off my watch, which i hardly ever do, it does look a little strange. Basically i just avoid using the thumb. They prescribed OT but it is hard to find that in network in my location. Maybe once i finish PT for my 2nd TKA (18 days ago), i will have the time to check into it.

May i ask where you went to have the procedure done and what it is called? Were other options offered?

Hope you are all healed and functional soon.