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Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

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Thank you for your info and link. I am 59 years old, USPS retired, but very active handyman. I had a mini CMC joint stabilizing custom splint brace applied to my surgical hand after only five days (cast removed)and the follow-up x-rays at two weeks. My surgeon did not schedule a follow-up exam. I live 150 miles from the surgery center. I am now waiting to hear from that surgery scheduling department about having identical surgery on the opposite thumb, so I guess the surgeon will get a chance to examine his work after all during my pre-op examination. I too have heard optimal results can be expected after one year. It will be 12 weeks post-op tomorrow and I was not expecting to have continued swelling around the surgical area and first finger. I have full use of the hand with obvious weight limitations.

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i am getting ready to have my left thumb surgery. my surgeon put me in a soft brace for 6 weeks, not sure why. he would like me to retire first, not sure if i want to go that soon, he also doesn't do the implant surgery, says the other surgery with the tendon has been done for 50 years and it works. all that i have ready regarding the implants seem to be very positive and faster healling. not sure if delivering mail has impacted the problem since its the joint failing but it doesn't help. would you recommend the implant?