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Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

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I had a regional block with sedation for the procedure & an ON-Q Pain Pump placed at the time of the block. I was very comfy for the procedure. I was told the block should last about 20 hrs & the pain pump would help with pain management for 2 days post op. Unfortunately, my block started wearing off 3 hrs after the procedure & the pain pump didn’t help. So, when I noticed the block first starting to wear off (around 12:30pm), I took Tylenol & my Rx pain reliever, I’m sure it helped somewhat, but ended up have to take more Rx pain about 1 hour thereafter.
I was in a lot of pain the first day & was surprised on how much pain I did have being that the pain pump was there & I maxed out on Tylenol & Rx pain reliever! Thankfully, the first 48 hrs were the worst!! By day 3, I was fairly comfortable with minimal Rx pain reliever. By Post op day 5, I wasn’t even taking Tylenol.
I’m 1 week out today & virtually pain free. I have some discomfort after the cast was placed, but not enough to take anything at all.
My biggest recommendation would be to elevate & ice as much as possible for the first few days, and stay ahead of the pain with the prescribed medications.
I though I was going to be “good” as I started pain meds when I first felt the initial block wearing off. I did call my care provider in regards to my pain several hours after my surgery & she said that what I was feeling is “bone pain” & sounded fairly normal.

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Is a pain pump standard? I just had the surgery done and am in excruciating pain and cannot seem to find if this is typical?? Help.