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Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement

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Hello @var122,

Welcome to Connect. Thank you for starting a discussion on thumb joint replacement. I have not come across someone who has had a joint replacement in his or her hand. We have many members discussing disc, knee, hip, and ankle replacements. I am very intrigued by your post.

@var122, if you don't mind sharing, how are you doing post replacement? Did you have the replacement due to an injury or arthritis? What sort of rehab have you been prescribed to do and what is your expected outcome as far as usage? I know I just rattled off a lot of questions, but as someone who went through a total knee replacement, I am always interested in learning about other joints and how others handle the recovery.

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I’m 1 week out of surgery & currently in the cast room. I had a splint for 1 week to accommodate swelling.
Attached are my post on photos.
I’m 45 yrs old, work as a Surgical First Assistant- Mayo Eau Claire.
To answer your questions
1) replacement due to arthritis. I had symptoms starting at age. I thought it was from doing too much yard work lol! But it never got better, just worse. I waited about 2 yrs before seeking help…
2) after surgery, I was in a split, now getting casted. I will be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks.
3) according to my doctor, I will have full use & be 100% pain free & no braces to wear ­čÖé
I’ll have to keep you posted on the therapy after the cast comes Off

Thank you for sharing more Veronica,

For being one week post op, I had a hard time telling which one was done at first, the hand looks great. If you don’t mind me asking, how is the pain associated with this surgery? I think other members in the future will be interested to see your post, picture, and learn about how this treatment helped with arthritis in a hand joint.

I had a regional block with sedation for the procedure & an ON-Q Pain Pump placed at the time of the block. I was very comfy for the procedure. I was told the block should last about 20 hrs & the pain pump would help with pain management for 2 days post op. Unfortunately, my block started wearing off 3 hrs after the procedure & the pain pump didn’t help. So, when I noticed the block first starting to wear off (around 12:30pm), I took Tylenol & my Rx pain reliever, I’m sure it helped somewhat, but ended up have to take more Rx pain about 1 hour thereafter.
I was in a lot of pain the first day & was surprised on how much pain I did have being that the pain pump was there & I maxed out on Tylenol & Rx pain reliever! Thankfully, the first 48 hrs were the worst!! By day 3, I was fairly comfortable with minimal Rx pain reliever. By Post op day 5, I wasn’t even taking Tylenol.
I’m 1 week out today & virtually pain free. I have some discomfort after the cast was placed, but not enough to take anything at all.
My biggest recommendation would be to elevate & ice as much as possible for the first few days, and stay ahead of the pain with the prescribed medications.
I though I was going to be “good” as I started pain meds when I first felt the initial block wearing off. I did call my care provider in regards to my pain several hours after my surgery & she said that what I was feeling is “bone pain” & sounded fairly normal.