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Seizure control: I can't seem to get any help

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I think you have found the right place here. I spent many years with doctors not knowing what was going on, labeling my symptoms as anxiety. A friend suggested Mayo to me. Through their testing and observation in the epilepsy clinic, it took ten days to solve my puzzle. I had temporal lobe surgery in 1983. Solved my problem.
I too tried many meds. I had some side effects but my problem with meds was mostly allergies. I am on Keppra now with luckily no side effects.
I hope you can give Mayo some serious consideration and plan appointment time with them. THEY CARE!

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Thank you very much for your response. I have had doctors try to get me on anxiety medicine for awhile but I don’t think it’s my problem. I’ve found that the more medicine I take, regardless what for, the worse I feel. The seizure pattern doesn’t change and that’s the core of all of my problems.

I believe that your seizure pattern not changing might be a good point when it comes to diagnostics. My seizures had no predictable pattern, that’s why I believe it took Mayo a few days for me because they need to be able to capture and record any seizure activity.
I don’t know where you are from but I will always continue to encourage anybody to visit Mayo.
I am from Minn. The University of MN also has an epilepsy center but they couldn’t help me at all. There are lots of good hospitals but they mostly seem to appear to be all about themselves and not the patient. (My personal opinion speaking from some experience).
After literally decades of no answers, I found my solution at Mayo. (and actually 3 solutions to 3 different maladies)
You have to understand they are not miracle workers and everybody is different even if they have the same illness, but as a team of doctors all working together they will keep digging and working for you.
I hope you find your answer soon.

That’s why you can’t waste time with no-talent or little-knowledge practitioners.

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