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COPD end stage: Anyone else?

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Robertjr I understand you saying that every day chores and activities have gotten to be too much. I am single and love alone so I have nobody to help get groceries or run errands or anything. My only support person is my sister but she has a very hectic life. You’re not alone!
I am wondering how can you get someone to understand your fatigue and some days just feeling sick? I feel her getting frustrated with me. I have declined rather quickly and I feel terrible having to ask her for help sometimes & I just feel a little like she thinks I’m just faking it at times.

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ppeschke i feel for you.I was put on disability due to copd,after working my whole life..Ifeel i shouldnt havve to prove yo anyone imnot well,eople dont realize how bad copd is ,I get really down at times thanks to mywife and grown children things are alittle better.

@ppeschke, I understand how you feel and how frustrating it is for you. I, too, live alone. Unfortunately I have no family. I’ve started looking for someone to help me that I can afford before things get too bad. Good luck.

Ppeschke,im lucky my wife and children understand,ive been on a ventilator at hospital 5 times and have had grand mall epilepsy since i was 5 so i hope they be?ieve me.Ido feel like im a burden sometimes, b ut idont have much choice.

I don't know what state you live in but in Ohio we have Senior Options. They provide housekeeping and many other services. They are really wonderful. Depending on your income, you may only pay a very small percentage for their service. I would definitely see if your state has anything like this for you. Most states do. You could ask your doctor about it. He/she should know where to direct you. Sometimes even our own family is the last to want to help us. Their lives are more important than anyone else's. It's sad that our families are the last to help us.
Good luck and may God bring you peace.

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