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COPD end stage: Anyone else?

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hI @robertjr. I’m sorry to read this post- it hit’s home. My Dad has COPD. You are right….63 is young. I wish I could say I hope things get easier but with COPD things don’t get easier.
The Mayo Clinic COPD Diagnosis and treatment web page (found here https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/copd/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20353685) mention seeking a support group. Do you belong to one? or do you find that the support on Connect is sufficient? what are your thoughts on this?
For the sake of future readers and if you don’t mind sharing- What things have you noticed that make the day easier? What things can family and friends offer someone with COPD for help? Have you had any treatment for COPD?

sending peace your way. 🙂 Jamie

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Thanks Jamienolson in a small group,This year seems so bad,been in hospital 4 times for copd troubles and twice for grand mal seizures and after each time condition ended up staying worse,Use to talk about when i feel better but never happens now.

Jamie ,thank you for the wonderful message.Im in a support group,its so nice to talk topeop!e about it.Just seems like any problemturn into another step backwards.colds,pnemonia aflu,and this might sound unusual,i have had grand mal seizures sincei was 5 and since copd i get worse as far as copd aftereach seizure.Take so many things me and pharmicist and ox company onfirst name.basis.My wife and children are so helpful make things so much easier.

I've just been diagnosed with COPD. I don't know what to expect. I have my first visit with my Pulmonologist in November. I do my best to lean on my faith but there are days when I get overwhelmed with what's going to happen to me when it gets really bad since I live alone. Sometimes I'm scared to death of suffocating. Hopefully my Pulmonologist can help me understand this disease.

My family doesn't seem to take much of an interest in my disease. i've told them what I have but they never offer to help me with chores. I'm not one to ask for help either. Maybe I should start asking for that but I'm so stubborn. I've always felt that if they wanted to help they would just automatically do it. We were raised to take care of our elderly. The kids these days only think of themselves and they don't want to talk about it either. I think it scares them because they know it's not a curable disease. Do you have any of those kind of problems with your family members? And how do you handle the really bad days? I don't know what to expect? That's what I'd like to find out…..what to expect. Does it get bad quickly or gradually? Well, thanks for listening to me and thanks for sharing your part of your disease. God bless you and be at pease……Shirley

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