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@resolve I have battled an anxiety disorder for most of my adult life (currently 57) and after I became chronically ill, dependent on opiates for pain relief and isolated by disability and not working or driving, depression became a constant companion. It is less than all encompassing at times, but never far away. I don’t suppose that is what you would like to hear, but it is not nearly as dark and bleak as it was at one point. When I am at my lowest, I remember what my brother told me years ago (it is a family thing for us); “I did not wake every day previous to this feeling like this and I will not wake every day the rest of my life feeling this way”. It often takes treatment, wisdom from suffering, support, etc…, but for me, I have always come out of the depths to something better and more tolerable. I also believe that we place far more pressure on ourselves than others do. If I am able to do anything around the house, outside the house, or make any positive contributions, that is icing. I don’t have children at home, but there are still things I would like to do with them and my grands, but they understand that my absences are not from a decision to be absent and that my real desire would be exactly the opposite. I was very much an extrovert and loved meeting new people and conversing. Now I am only that in some small corner of my brain because I try to force my self into those activities and it doesn’t happen often. If I have any advice worthwhile, it is to be OK with doing nothing. My wife is a counselor and she said that was very important for me to understand; either physical and/or mental blocks are going to be too much of an obstacle on some days and you have to accept that; no one can get you to that place except yourself. Blessings, Gary

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I like and appreciate your words and the advice your wife gave, Gary. Thanks for sharing.


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