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this site is good for me because i can vent. there is no family for me and my friends are passing away with age. so sometimes when things are bad i thank you and this site for being here. the latest is: i have been wondering why i have been so very, very depressed lately. so i went hunting on the internet and realized “my anemia is worsening and this can contribute to the sadness.” it has never been this bad before. knowing what i am dealing with is a great help. tomorrow i will cook liver and onions with mashed potatoes. (and beets) have a nice evening to all. peach

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I had no idea anemia could contribute. I have to admire your willingness to tackle liver and onions and beets! I do not have that much courage! I think you just scared my rbc count up a few points points! I hope it works for you and you have a better day tomorrow!

dear @vsinn2000 thank you for your confidence in me. i always enjoyed the holiday music and wondered why this year all of a sudden i started to cry. what is this? for me and perhaps for others it is a good thing to look up the illnesses in the doctors books for some possible answers. (this is for all the illnesses.) now i do not think i am going crazier than normal, now i know there is a reason for the all of a sudden crying. i will try to handle this without medicines. some how we must be strong. thank you.

For me, information is confidence building. Learning to is 24/7/365. Teaching yourself to let your emotions out, instead of holding them in and getting more depressed is a good thing. Even something as simple as a song that triggers tears can help relieve some emotional pressure. When frustration has me ready to explode, I have several songs that will move me to tears almost immediately. The sentiment that goes with them is such a strong reminder of loved ones I’ve lost, that it’s cathartic to cry along with the memories those songs bring. Just keep learning and trying new things. You’ve got this!

So true, Vicky, @vsinn2000

Sometimes you need to just to allow your tears to flow.


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